Our range of cottage-styled pavers in 6 different warm rich colours form a range with a traditional English look and feel.

Their extended cobble like surface link back to the traditional English way of paving and garden design. These timeless Cottage Brick Pavers give your courtyard or garden a rustic and elegant touch.

Cottage Range

Available in sizes: 220 x 74 x 52mm

Victoria Range

Available in sizes: 183 x 88 x 43mm

Traditional Range

Available in sizes: 200 x 100 x 52mm

Old English

Available in sizes: 183 x 43 x 88mm, 208 x 50 x 102mm, 208 x 67 x 102mm, 215 x 70 x 52mm, 215 x 52 x 70mm, 210 x 103 x 68mm

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